Lip Blush Orlando

Lip blushing enhances the natural color and shape of your mouth. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure that lasts one to two years. It works by depositing pigments into your lips with tiny needles. Some lips swell more than others and this is OK. The swelling can last up to two days, but it usually only takes about a couple of hours to subside.

Post-procedure and aftercare

Each person’s skin is different. These differences can affect the integration and retention of pigments. Medications, sun exposure, smoking, hormones and age factor in as well. With so many variables, I cannot guarantee perfect results on skin that I have never worked on. This is why I schedule a second session to make sure that your lips are looking great.

Here are the things that you can do to get the best results. Make sure that you are careful to follow the post-procedure protocol.

Things to avoid while you are healing

  • Makeup and sunscreen
  • Retin-A and glycolic acids
  • Direct sunlight, tanning beds and self-tanners
  • Swimming, hot tubs, saunas and steamy showers*
  • Touching the colored parts of your lips
  • Dirt or heavy perspiration (first week only)

*If you shower, face away from the showerhead to protect your lips. Try to keep them free of water, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Care tip

I want you to use sunscreen after your lips heal. Use a reliable brand with enough protection to keep them safe from the sun.

Lip Blush Cost

First Session  (duration 2-2.5 hrs)
Touch up (after 6-8 weeks)

Do you have a history of sores or fever blisters?

You should talk to your doctor if you get cold sores or fever blisters on your lips, chin or nose. She or he can prescribe medicine that may help you when you get lip blush.

It is highly recommended that you get a prescription anti-viral med like Valtrex. This will help you heal quickly and avoid having a cold sore break out. Even if you have never had a cold sore, it is still recommended in case the virus is dormant. Your doctor or walk-in clinic can prescribe it to you. Tell them you are having a lip blush treatment and that you want to avoid cold sores. (If you do not have the virus, you will not get it from a lip blush treatment.) It is best to take it starting three days prior and two days after or follow your doctor’s instructions. It usually is not too expensive. Many women use GoodRx Care (HeyDoctor) for a quick and affordable prescription.

Healing Process

Day 1

You can expect moderate swelling, soreness and light bruising. Your lips will look like you are wearing dark red lipstick. You can reduce the swelling in the following way. Apply Vaseline to your lips and cover them with a tissue. Then hold an ice bag up to your mouth. You can do this for one to two hours. Make sure to keep your lips dry using the Vaseline and tissues.

Day 2

The swelling will continue into the second day. Your lips will still have a reddish coloring and soreness. These symptoms should be less pronounced than they were the previous day.

Day 3

The swelling should go away on day three. Your lips will still be sore and feel like you are wearing thick lipstick. This will change on day four.

Day 4

Your lips will start to exfoliate. This leaves them feeling quite chapped. You can apply a light coat of approved ointment to help with this.

Day 5

Your lips will still feel chapped on day five. Most of the scabbing will have flaked off.

Day 6

Your lips get a break from the chapping. They will change into a soft, yet rich color.

Day 7-13

Your lips will start to chap again. This will hide the new soft color that you got a glimpse of on day six.

Day 14-29

Now that the chapping has finished, you will get to see the color again. Your lips will look better and better each day.

Day 30-60

Your lips have almost healed. You may see color changes during this time depending on your body temperature. You will want to use a good moisturizing balm and sunscreen because they will feel dry for a month or two.

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